Our Story

Ocean Active was formed in 2005 as a result of a lack of sports fishing information and services in Dubai and the region. Ocean Active was established and started to explore the amazing fishing in Dubai and Oman and set up operations offering amazing fishing and experiences that caught the fishing world’s attention.

But as much as we traveled the World fishing we always came back home to Dubai. Dubai is a truly unique place and literally has risen out of the desert with the vision of the UAE’s leaders to build a paradise where anything is possible. If you can imagine it, it can become reality in Dubai. As a consequence, the upside of all the development and construction on the Dubai waterfront was the creation of the biggest man made reefs which has attracted a huge amount of marine life that has built our fishery and allows us to have our business in a modern city catching thousands of queenfish a year.

We set up Ocean Active Fly as our dedicated fly fishing operation. Fly fishing has always been our passion, love and lifestyle and we are very happy to have been the first fly fishing operation in Dubai and the Middle East. Introducing fly fishing into this region has been a real pleasure as it has been like a seed that was planted and with a lot of care has grown into a business and started an industry creating opportunities for everyone. With the help of Dubai Tourism and brands like Thomas and Thomas we made the first every fly fishing film in the Middle East called "Dubai on the Fly". This was an amazing experience and really put Dubai on the International Fly Fishing map.


Dubai is in the epicenter of the Planet, with Emirates flying to 150 destinations in 80 countries making Dubai a travel hub so that most travelers, anglers, business people, sports stars, musicians etc, at some stage, will come through Dubai. But the biggest draw card is for anglers traveling to the Seychelles, Sudan and Tanzania fly Emirates via Dubai.We work with all of the operators to help provide a short stopover for clients to get over jetlag and stretch a line before the main event. 

Over time we have built up a great team, boats and equipment in Dubai. We are lucky to have the support of a lot of industry leading manufacturers which has helped us to offer a really extraordinary fly fishing experience. We are proud of our achievements and what we have created but the best part for us is the basics, getting people into fish on fly! This can be beginners to pros, once you see those queens come in on the fly, the visual takes and aerial fight, no matter who you are, you will be whooping, screaming, high-fiving, and really bringing out the inner kid! 

Over the last few years we have started running a few select trips to International destinations, mainly because we want to go fish there with friends and clients. Through building our network of operators and clients we offer limited trips to top International Destinations. These are places such as the Seychelles, Argentina, USA, Norway, Russia and South Africa. 

In the end we want to just fish, guide and carry on living the fly fishing lifestyle we have created in Dubai and Oman, so we hope that we can offer people something a bit different that will be remembered for many years to come!