Ocean Active Fly is the first fly fishing operator and outfitter in Dubai and the region and we have always been conscious about respecting the environment that we operate in, however, over the years we have seen several places that we have visited deteriorate and some even to the level that fish stocks have been wiped out or pollution has made visiting these places dangerous or just very sad. Ocean Active Fly through all of our travels to the four corners of the Earth to either fish or attend exhibitions has met and discussed with various people and organisations how to help preserve our environment as well as also how to help support various campaigns, NGO’s or grass root initiatives. Ocean Active Fly has been involved with various beach clean ups, coral relocation projects, fish tagging and fish release programs but this has not been enough. We are proud to be associated with and to implement the Kickplastic Campaign with Yeti and Cost Del Mar, Keepemwet and to be IGFA Captains and members. We are not here to preach but just to practice environmentally friendly practices that we feel are worthwhile and to make a difference to the environment that we operate in and hopefully educate some clients as well as fellow anglers and seafarers.


Kick Plastic Campaign


The human population throws away 200 billion plastic bottles a year and about 10% of that ends up in the World’s Oceans and waterways. Two thirds of all fish now test positive for plastics. Plastic kills 1 million sea birds each year. After a few minutes of use, plastic bottles are thrown away and will last up to a 1,000 years in the environment and 10% of that ends up in our Oceans. Basically we are destroying our oceans, fish, birds and ourselves!

In previous years Ocean Active Fly has used an estimated 10,000 single serve plastic bottles during our season, bearing in mind during summer one client could drink up to 12 bottles of water. As a business that relies on our natural resources, this is not acceptable. Ocean Active Fly realized it was time to change and make a difference and reduce our reliance on single use plastics.

In partnership with Yeti Coolers and Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, Ocean Active Fly is launching a KickPlastic initiative to reduce and eliminate single use plastic water bottles from our charters. With sponsorship and support from Yeti, Ocean Active Fly will offer complimentary aluminum water bottles on the boats that will be stored in Yeti coolers and we will be able to refill from Yeti Storage Jugs ensuring our clients have enough water for the trip and also ensuring we eliminate single use plastic. Ocean Active Fly is committed to help work to reduce single use plastic in our everyday lives and work. Every little bit helps!




Keepemwet® is about releasing fish in the best condition possible. It’s a mantra for minimizing air exposure, eliminating contact with dry surfaces, and reducing handling. It’s a movement to empower anglers to take small, simple steps to responsibly enjoy and share fishing experiences. Our goal is to minimize the impact of catch & release angling on fisheries by uniting conscientious anglers, organizations and companies to promote science based practices for handling fish that are released. 

Ocean Active Fly is working with Keepemwet to help introduce the concept of responsible catch and release in Dubai and the Middle East, this will both help clients to handle fish correctly as well as help introduce catch and release as a norm in order to help preserve our fish stocks  and environment for the future. 


International Game Fish Association (IGFA)


The International Game Fish Association is a not-for-profit organization committed to the conservation of game fish and the promotion of responsible, ethical angling practices through science, education, rule making, record keeping and recognition of outstanding accomplishments in the field of angling.

The IGFA is committed to promoting the enjoyment, appreciation and effective conservation of fish, the sport of fishing, and aquatic habitats.

Ocean Active Fly has IGFA certified captains that practice responsible and ethical fishing practices and that help other anglers, competitions and exhibitions to promote good fishing practices like catch and release.