est. 2005

We are the first specialized Fly and Sports fishing company in Dubai.

Ocean Active Fly is the first fly fishing operation in the Middle East, Dubai and Oman dedicated specifically to catch and release fly fishing trips focusing on offering a fantastic bespoke experience to our clients.


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Ocean Active started in 2005 as the first specialized sports fishing company in both Dubai and Oman offering trips targeting a wide range of fish through sports fishing, popping and fly fishing over the last decade by providing the best equipment, service and boats to clients to ensure a truly unique experience.



Dubai is the ultimate urban fly fishing destination.

The tallest skyscrapers, the fastest cars, the fanciest restaurants and the most exclusive resorts and clubs. When people think of Dubai, fishing is about the last thing they envision. But at the heart of this fast, modern city lies an amazingly intact traditional fishing culture alongside a blooming World class fly fishing destination.


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